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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Personal Finances

Our personal financial services include the following and are customized to me​et your needs:

  • Paying bills by preparing checks 
  • Opening and organizing mail
  • Setting up and maintaining financial files
  • Balancing/reconciling checkbooks
  • Making bank deposits and fund transfers
  • Monitoring and reconciling credit card activity
  • Organizing tax documents and other paperwork for CPA/tax accountant, attorney, or financial advisor
  • Deciphering medical insurance paperwork and verifying proper processing of claims
  • Handling vendor payment questions and disputes with the assistance of the client
  • Advocating on behalf of the client to connect with other service providers
  • Referring clients to investment, legal, and CPA/tax accountant professionals
  • Interacting with professional advisors on the client's behalf


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