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​​​​​Welcome to CASH In Ba​lance, LLC​

Daily Money Management

Individuals & Small Business​

​Mission Statement:

CASH I​n Balance, LLC provi​des assistance with your day-to-day monetary transactions to give you peace of mind and control over your ​​​​finances.

​What is a Daily Money ​Manag​​​er?
A Dail​y Money Manager (DMM) provides financial he​lp to individuals and small business clients.  Whether you are too busy, an individual with a disability and/or a health issue, a senior citizen, or a business owner in need of assistance, a DMM will be able to help.

A DMM can meet your needs from:

  • paying bills to reconciling checkbooks for individu​als
  • b​ookkeeping to assisting with payroll for small business

DMMs do not eliminate the need for a CPA/tax accountant, attorney, or financial advisor and do not provide professional advisory services.  DMMs work in partnership with these advisors by assisting in organizing and maintaining financial records.

How can a DMM help me?​​

Our DMM services can be tailored around you.  Typically, DMMs will:

  • organize your personal or small business's financial situation

  • save you time, money, and effort

  • allow you and your advisors to make well informed decisions

These services translate into cleaner recordkeeping, improved clarity and better understanding of your financial position.


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